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I have been entering the 11 Second Club competition, an online monthly animation competition. The goal is to come up with the visual for a predetermined short piece of audio. Here are some of my entries:


March, 2010:
Audio Clip from Rudy.

April, 2010:
Audio from The Marked Woman.

In addition to taking part in the competition, I have been creating character rigs for use in Blender. Blender is an amazing full-featured open-source 3-D animation program. It has a small but rapidly-growing user base. There are numerous free rigs for Maya, but very few for Blender. My rigs are free to download and to use in any non-commercial project. You can also modify or enhance my rigs and redistribute them (for free) as long as I am given credit for the original rig.

I'd like to give credit here to the Blender users whose techniques and tutorials I have used to make my rigs: Bassam Kurdali creator of ManCandy, David Allen Ward, and tp8000cfv.


Clint is a universal generic character for Blender 2.49. He has arms that can be switched between IK and FK. He has a very versatile facial setup, and his look is very customizable. Download him HERE! To see a little clip of him in action, click HERE!
Mary is a cow I made for the April 11SecondClub competition. She's a much simpler rig. Download her HERE!
Creative Commons License
Clint rig for Blender by Mike Overbeck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.